Digital Enterprise Ready Platform

The Problem

Digital Transformation of Enterprise is essential for  increasing efficiency, effectiveness and safety of your workforce. Unfortunately, legacy systems need a bridge to make this crossing to cost effectively integrate with  these newer experiences, and managing the outcomes through proven industry relevant use cases to establish reliable  ROI and adopt change across different demographics of the organization.

The Solution

SnapDPL offers a modularized cloud or on premise application that allows packages to be authored from existing data sources, content, voice, AI/ML libraries and analytic dashboards to deliver micro apps and services to meet digital worker needs. These experiences can be rendered across desktops, laptops, tablets, smart devices and head mounted devices to enhance interaction, cognition and gradual adoption of innovation

SnapDPL Applications

SnapDPL™ empowers organizations to extend their applications and achieve greater User experience with Optimal ROI and enable Actionable Intelligence

SnapDPL Application

Snap DPL application is delivered across multiple operating systems to scale and meet enterprise needs with numerous ready to use integrations that range from built in connectors to easily enabled partner APIs, SDKs, Drivers conforming to Industry standards. The application allows multiple authentication methods to meet the enterprise security needs as well as configurable to adopt the cloud and on premise data and storage infrastructure. Based on the Organization based user management, role based permissions can be established at the Site level, package level and individual extension level to accomplish the goals of the organization whether it is a Proof of Concept (PoC) or a Pilot project or Enterprise rollout.

Snap XR Packages

SNAP XR is an innovative approach of organizing the the components that contribute to the micro app based on the Digital Worker requirements, device specific needs and leverage reuse for Technical objects, Content from 2D, 3D, Point Cloud Scans, Documents and Media, Data flows between sources and target applications, Voice processes on traditional phone systems or Web based real time communications, Dashboards and Charts for Analytics that already exist with the enterprise. Such Packaging not only allows easier maintenance of constantly changing source information underneath these packages but also allows reuse through a commerce extension to share among industry peers or partners thereby enhancing the ROI and eliminating monolithic one off applications that stampede organizations urge to digitize rapidly ! Considering the increased demands in making learning, operating, monitoring and managing business processes virtually, accurately and safely allows Snap XR Strategy aligns Human Performance with Operating and maintaining of Assets effectively benefiting all.

Snap ELMOS Apps

Considering the Digital Worker needs vary on how they interface with Technology based on the circumstances, ELMOS app strategy optimizes and blends the benefits of the device native capabilities while leveraging the responsive web view to balance the development of the application. Our apps are delivered across Windows, IOS, Android Operating systems along with extended SDKs such as Unity, various device specific plugins to meet most digital needs. We continue to add features surrounding engagement, learn, monitor, operate, and service related processes to the apps. We currently have apps that run on Windows Desktop, Windows Surface Tablet, IPhone, Ipad, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Oculus, HTC Vive, Microsoft MR, Realwear, Hololens and many more to come! If the enterprise needs require custom developing for specific needs ELMOS app components can be completely reused to speed up delivery and benefit from the micro services architecture in place.

Studio Applications

Fully recognizing that digital transformation also requires generating and transforming data and content from established enterprise applications by limited subject matter experts, existing DPL Studio accelerates stand alone execution of data movement use cases with point and click features. In addition, we developed a modern Studio Application known as Snap XR studio to go address needs beyond data and extend to content, meta data and other file based processes. This application will seamlessly deliver data and content packages to the server instance securely and coexist with ELMOS app to simplify the authentication and handle update processes. More than 200+ connectors are offered through Studio applications, with special connectors to meet various SAP Applications such as HANA, Netweaver, ECC, Business One, By Design in addition to incorporating ODBC and ready to use connectors for most enterprise applications. This simplified data flows via studio can also be deployed on the server to operate within the .net core environment and perform the corresponding data movement functions to allow apps to focus on creating better user experience without burdening them with complex backend data processing requirements while leveraging custom / cloud functions to provide advance data processing capabilities.

Course Extension

Course extensions allows are to render content that is developed using scrum XAPI and render the interactive learning in the room (SnapDPL), space( Cavrnus ), viewer( Composer ).

The result of this course extension - it results in learning analytics, it can be interactive through Classroom, Group Learning, Self-Learning, practicing of the group and self and ultimately take an assessment. these are the different modes we are going to provide in our course extension and our course extension.

Work Extension

Work is performed through identification of steps using AR and the user is able to interactively share with the remote user live what they scene which is the camera view through our room third is able to overlay procedure that are interactive rooms on real-life objects using the room with AR and there able to perform the work and update interactive work package or Pdf documents with annotations or update web views through screen-based entry with validations and we able to submit the work for subsequent processing through file manager process the document to generate the pdf and transmute through massages as well as upload through document management system integrated with SnapDPL or capture the inspection results through an interactive voice agent and perform work be on the traditional work order process. All these comprise what we call a work extension.

Asset Extension

Asset extension work extension will work with each other, and they will work with course extension were ever the room involve and there is a possibility that work will leverage an asset and course and asset will leverage course. the course is there for learning as well as room created for performing an operation related to the asset in the felled.

How Snap DPL Works

Snap DPL can be licensed on perpetual or subscription basis by the Enterprise customer of any size directly from RISE Corporation or through our partners. You can always activate only those features that are relevant to the problem at hand. The automated installation of the site supplemented with single click upgrade along with the applicable bundles allow customers to maintain their application easily and attain compatibility with the frequent end user device refreshes required by those marketplaces. Following key factors distinguish and accomplish the flexibility that is needed to achieve the underlying objectives of Snap DPL platform.

  • Organize users, connectors, authentications, communications, standards, applications and object bundles and their interrelationships
  • Structure data, content, voice, analytics packages to allow flow of the underlying technical objects across instances securely and seamlessly
  • Integrate with device specific apps through extensions to maintain configurability, achieve rapid POC development, scale large use cases and address industry digital worker requirements while maintaining connectivity to the established enterprise applications.

Our Agile Methodology addresses the full life cycle of the Packages and fully equip the enterprise teams to learn and manage them on their own accord.

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Every business function has a unique opportunity to transform and our collaborative approach with full knowledge transfer lead by our Expertise one team at a time is well recognized in the Industry.
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